Saturday, 30 January 2016

More Interesting Love Stories On The Newest Season of Wattpad Presents

Viva Communications and TV5 are proud to present the newest season of its highly successful  program "Wattpad Presents". As its enter its newest season, Wattpad Presents levels up as it becomes an hour and a half long TV program, every Saturday night from 9 to 10:30 PM. The new and improved show promises to provide audience with quality weekend prime time viewing experience by featuring unique plots and fresh love teams that would surely light up the small screen.

The first stories to be feature on Wattpad Presents are: Avah Maldita, Mysterious Guy at the Coffee Shop, My Soulmate is from Another Planet, My Cassanova Husband.

Avah Maldita stars Ella Cruz, Donalyn Bartolome and Akihiro Blanco. It features a story of an affluent half-chinese lass whose bratty nature always makes her in charge of everything. But despite her charmed life, many are unaware of the personal battles she faces like her tormenting and ugly past, not to mention a bitter rivalry with her sibling and alienation from her parents.

Mysterious Guy at The Coffe Shop stars Yassi Pressan and Vin Abrenica. It has a tickling story of which involves an unlikely pair: a nerdish bookworkm and a popular band vocalist who goes incognito.

My Soulmate is from Another Planet stars Bianca King, Empoy and Derek Ramsay. It's about a boyish gal whose life will change as she meets and falls in love with an alien.

My Casanova Husband stars Meg Imperial. It is about a couple whose marriage was fixed by their respective fathers.

The succeeding presentations are sure to make television and love fanatics glued to their seats as well: Mr. Cold Heart Breaker, Weight For Love, The Filthy, Rich Bitch and Cupid's Bedmate.

Considering the line up of stories, Wattpad Presents will surely melt the viewer's hearts anew on its latest season! Catch the love fever every Saturday night on TV5.

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