Thursday, 3 September 2015

Movie Review: Ex With Benefits

“EX with benefits” follows the love story of Arkisha (Coleen), the woman who will do everything for her boyfriend, Adam (Derek). But years after their breakup, there's something they can't get enough of - "benefits."

What if the love EXpires, but the fun EXtends? Will they be able to heal the pain from the past?

With Coleen's sexy and believable and Derek's interesting and acceptable performance along with their steamy and stylish love scenes, there were several potential avenues to develop here, but the film settles for something conventional and sentimental with its love story. The direction is substantial and the premise is quite simple. This movie can be fun at times, a little boring on the other, but overall I enjoyed it. Good thing that the film does not gave us a typical cliche ending but instead a heartfelt one. A fairly made adult sexy romantic film.

My Verdict:  3/5

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