Saturday, 31 March 2018

Movie Review: Never Not Love You

Gio (Reid) a freelance graphic designer and Joanne (Lustre) a management trainee in ad agency direct selling company. Their young, carefree, and reckless love affair ends abruptly as their dream take them to different paths and their life choices eventually tear them apart.
They however, cross paths once again a few years later only to discover that so many things have changed, including the kind of love they once had for each other. 

Never Not Love You is filled with sincerity in its characters, dialogue, and situations. It was emotionally moving without becoming cliché. It's a love story that everyone can relate to. It's a film that you can see yourself when you're in love. James Reid and Nadine Lustre work in tandem with emotional depth delivering their most mature and moving performances. JaDine chemistry is overflowing and the kilig was really felt that works well with screenplay especially on the first part of the film. I love the feels, the noteworthy screenplay and the songs used in the film. Never Not Love You felt so natural and been able to achieve its intention to tell a love story in its purest form.

My Verdict : 4.5/5

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