Saturday, 3 March 2018

Magbuwag Ta Kay - Cebuano Romantic Comedy Film Opens in SM Cinemas March 7 2018

No one wants a dramatic break-up.

Every break-up is painful and having to sit through a dramatic break-up just makes it ten times worse.

Cebuano film Magbuwag Ta Kay(Let’s Break Up, Kay) is a movie that explores romance and relationships in this millennial society. The film features local Cebuano talents, the former Star Power contestant Akiko Solon and social media celebrity Rowell “Medyo Maldito” Ucat.

Magbuwag Ta Kay  tells of college sweethearts Roy and Kay who plan to break-up like adults, without the drama, when Kay’s family arranged her entry to Canada.

They still have a month left to make great memories together and give their romance the ending it deserves. But you know what Google says about best-laid plans, often they get awkward despite their best intentions.

How does a person prepare for breakup? Do we really need to prepare for it?

Will these college sweethearts be able to break up without the drama?


Magbuwag Ta Kay (Let's Break Up, Kay) is coming to SM cinemas nationwide on March 7.

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