Sunday, 11 March 2018

Movie Review: Bomba

Pipo is a deaf and mute man who struggle with the urband grind of daily existence and at the same time has "taboo" relationship with sixteen years old teenager, Cyril. Pipo lives in silence. He only listens to his heart to understand love, and how life messed up its pureness.
Innocence is bliss and love is ageless. Cyril knows the rule & breaks it. Heaven forbids. Come hell or high water, she will fight for love until its most bitter end. 

Aside from its story, premise, and subdued performance of the lead actor Allen Dizon, the biggest revelation of the film is Angeli Nicole Sanoy. Given the complex of her role at her age, her performance is natural and outstanding in Bomba. Bomba take us to a closer look of the current poverty situation in our country, from the judicial system up to the social capitalization. The film also teach us on how to treat person with disabilities and appreciate their existence as human. Unconventional story told creatively with sharp direction and good performances. The film is like a bomb, you never know what to expect and will surprise you at the end.

My Verdict: 4/5

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