Thursday, 15 March 2018

Movie Review: My Perfect You

My Perfect You is centered on Burn (Gerald Anderson) - who goes on a random out of town road trip after being devastated with a major heartbreak coupled with a failing career. Burn then meets Abi (Wurtzbach), who is lively owner of the hostel, Happy Sunshine Camp. Their accidental meeting paves the way to Burn's chance to happiness. But what if this second chance at love is another chance at heartbreak?

My Perfect You is a feel good kilig romantic comedy film that will definitely capture your heart. But, it's not what you think it is.  The film has a twist that tackles a condition that is not usually seen on a big screen.  I love the fast pacing of the film and the twist that you didn't expect coming. Pia Wurtzbach is a revelation! She shows  her wacky side in this film and she delivers. As a returning actress in the showbiz industry, her performance as an actress is passable for me. If Pia gives life to the film by delivering comedic performance, Gerald Anderson gives heart to the film by delivering touching performance. He truly established himself as one of the sought actor in the film industry. Dimples Romana as expected also gave noticeable performance. Overall, My Perfect You celebrates love despite all of our imperfection. It's a heartwarming and heartbreaking film at the same time set in a perfect getaway paradise.

My Verdict: 4/5


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