Thursday, 31 July 2014

Movie Review: Trophy Wife

“Trophy Wife” is about Lina (Cristine Reyes) who wants to take vengeance on Chino (Derek Ramsay) for leaving her behind. She married his brother, Sammy (John Estrada). But Chino already has Gwen (Heart Evangelista) as her girlfriend. Will Lina get her sweet revenge of causing a rift between the two brothers and break Chino and Gwen apart? Or will her love towards him make her forgive and forget?

I like the story of the film. Infainess to the conflict and twist of story it is justifiable base
on its exposition though the resolution part is a mix of anticlimatic and predictable.
Heart Evangelista is so refreshing to see on a big screen. I am looking forward for more films for her. She's really pretty and looks elegant in the film. Christine Reyes fits in her role as feisty
gold digger women. Christine Reyes is one of the under rated actress that we have. She has a
certain depth in acting especially in the first part of the film. The superficially attractive and stylish production design was evidently seen in the film suggesting wealth and expense. So expect
to see a glossy erotic drama thriller local flick in this film.

My Verdict: 3/5

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