Thursday, 17 July 2014

Cinemalaya 2014 Short Film Finalists


Miriam is up for a surprise from her husband after a rift caused by the flirty text message of someone named Alex.

Starring: Olive Nieto, Paolo O'Hara, Solomon de Guzman, and Maria Isabel Lopez

Written and Directed By: J.E. Tiglao


A struggle between a painter and his work.

Directed By: Joris Fernandez


Nakabibinging Kadiliman is about two physically challenged sisters trying to find a way to live a normal life.

Starring: Sheenly Gener, Mara Paulina Marasigan, Peewee O’Hara, Raffy Froilan, Max Celada

Directed By: Paolo O’Hara 


A mother tells her young son that his grandfather has turned into a goat in order to cover up the grandfather's death.

Starring: Sheenly Gener, Rob Sy, Joseph Dela Cruz, Zachary Ezekiel Diaz and Goosey, Amante Pulido, Andre De Guzman Montejo and Jan Michael Jamisola

Written and Directed By: Sari Estrada


A man attempts to find himself and the meaning of home while lost in another country.

Starring: Alex Murphy, Shun Andrei Bacalla, Jayce Alexander Stewart, Eden Villarba-Sabolboro, Francil Silva, Paul Halili, Nico Javier, Lendz Barinque, Shylyd De April Tuscano, Brittany Baldoza and Anthony Yu

Written By: Francil Silva

Directed By: Eden Villarba


A vain man is out to meet a woman he met on Facebook for the first time. While waiting for her, he comes upon a naive guy whom he teaches his ways on attracting women. But the vain may need to learn some more.

Starring: Nico Antonio, Alchris Galura, Sei Magalona Calibo, Garret Villanueva

Written and Directed By: Thop Nazareno


When everything material and immaterial is stripped off, what remain are souls united by and in love.

Starring: Karen Gaerlan, Jane Biton, Rafaela Anne Rivera, Kenneth Isaac Dela Cruz, Andrew Basco, Angelo Abcede

Written and Directed By: David Corpuz


A beautician named Elvis (also known as Elvira) finds out one day that he has fathered a bouncing baby boy and is left with the challenge of single parenthood.

Starring: Badidi Labra, Albert Chan Paran, Peewee Senining, Van Oscar, Carl Balderama, Vienna Fortalejo, Peter Romanillos, Jonna Mahinay, Josh Karol Abiera, Cham-Cham Sobrevilla, Zeev Corpin.

Written By: Badidi Labra

Directed By: Chloe Veloso


It's Christmas time, and a grandmother spends a quiet afternoon tending to the family chores. But the arrival of an unexpected visitor brings with her some deadly consequences.

Starring: Erlinda Villalobos, Myrtle Gail Sarrosa, Red San Buenaventura, Tony Leyba, Jimson Buenagua, Mila Imperial, Christian Villete, Ernani Antonio, Dana Amistad, Jaeosn Magdale, Jomar Carpena

Directed By: Kevin Ang Tan


Left by her daughter to a caregiver, an old lady with Alzheimer’s suffers as her bedroom burns during the night.

Starring: Milagros Martija, Aileen Mercado, Giselle Lasin

Written and Directed By: Ralph Quijano 

Cinemalaya 2014 will be held on August 1-10 2014 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and Ayala Cinemas: Trinoma, Greenbelt 3, Alabang Town Center and Fairview Terraces.


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