Monday, 7 July 2014

Movie Review: Overtime

The story of Overtime revolves around Dom and Jodi. Jodi meets Dom through the internet and they decided to see each other personally. On their date, they hired a room and the next scene becomes shocking for Jodi. She wakes up with a bomb strapped around her stomach! Dom gives her a mission to accomplish in order for her to live.  

I appreciate the effort of GMA films to accept this experimental film Overtime. The film is not
the usual local mainstream film that has predictable plot, usual story line and convergent 
treatment in making film. The film goes experimental from director's treatment, script up to the 
shots and cinematography of the film. This is something that I did not expect from the film. 

Matagal tagal na din ako na di nakapanood ng ganitong klaseng film na suspene experimental from a mainstream studio. So malinaw naman yung intention nung film to cater us this kind of treatment. 
Lauren Young is a promising actress, then for Richard infairness medyo maayos naman yung acting niya dito.Character driven screenplay is also noticeable in the film especially for the role of 
Mitch Valdez which is the most memorable character. So if you like to see an out of the box experimental suspense local flick, watch this film.

My Verdict: 3/5

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