Sunday, 20 July 2014

Once a Princess Official Poster and Trailer

Once upon a time, there was a princess who could not live happily ever after… Erin Almeda, one of the princesses of Gibbons International School belongs to a clique all-girl group whose members’ are considered as the most glamorous and richest of all. One day, Erin played with the innocent heart of their class geek, Leonard Jamieson. Seven years later, Erin and Leonard cross path once again. It seemed their roles have been reversed. At they meet again, it is Erin’s turn to feel the pain. And so Erin needed to find the magic that will lift that curse. Or she will die of heartache soon. 

Starring: Enchong Dee, JC De Vera and Erich Gonzales

Also Starring: Matt Evans, Nikki Valdez. Bryan Santos, Tippy Dos Santos, Angel Aquino, Bing Pimentel, Ian Veneracion, Ramon Christopher, Eda Nolan, Jackie Aquino

Directed By: Laurice Guillen


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