Tuesday, 2 April 2013

On The Job – Teaser Trailer


On The Job  Teaser Trailer

My Take on the Trailer:

It’s nice to see Piolo Pascual and Gerald Anderson on this kind of movie that not the usual mainstream flick that they are doing. Seems that Gerald and Piolo was given an out of the box and edgy role especially for Gerald that has daring scene here. Noticeable as well is good editing, production design and cinematography. This is something to look forward to aside from the fact that we rarely seen a quality action flick. 

Synopsis of the Film

Gerald Anderson will be playing Daniel, an inmate who will turn into a hitman/professional killer. Meanwhile, Piolo Pascual plays the character of an NBI agent who will hunt Daniel. A son of an NBI chief and with a wife the daughter of a congressman, Piolo's character is torn between his duty, his conscience and his family.

Starring: Piolo Pascual and Gerald Anderson
Also Starring: Joey Marquez, Joel Torre, Angel Aquino, Rayver Cruz and Leo Martinez
Directed By: Erik Matti


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