Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Juana C. The Movie – Official Poster and Trailer

Juana C. The Movie Official Trailer

Synopsis of the Film

Juana is a member of an indigenous group in the mountains of Northern Luzon. Their ancestral land  threatened by an expanding nickel mining venture, the community hopes Juana will finish her law studies and return to save their home. Juana is a scholar at the elite “Arrneowww de Manila University.”

In Manila, Juana reinvents herself as a bar-hopping, salon-pampered colegiala to be accepted in her new world. To support her lavish lifestyle, she becomes a high-class, plus-sized prostitute. “Then,” Paner says, “she experiences a transformation.”
Paner says the film, tells of love for country and the fight against corruption and apathy. “You can’t expect most production studios to make something like this. It goes against established institutions and is against mining firms that only destroy the environment. This is what our team (Juana Change Movement) offers. We hope viewers will find it refreshing.”

Starring: Juana Change
Also Starring: John James Uy, Angelina Kanapi, Annicka Dolonius, Niňo Mulach,
Ronnie Lazaro and Joel Torre

Written By: Rody Vera 
Directed by: Jade Castro

Showing on June 5 2013

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