Saturday, 20 April 2013

Movie Review: Bayang Magiliw

“Bayang Magiliw” is a social satire about a fictional town in Quezon Province called Magiliw where reproductive health is a crime. The result: Magiliw is the country’s most densely populated municipality outside Metro Manila. Ironically, or perhaps fittingly,the town mayor is an inveterate womanizer who has secretly fathered about a dozen illegitimate children around the town.

Two incidents propel a chain of events that will rock Magiliw. The first concerns a baby boy—the mayor’s latest illegitimate spawn—who is abandoned by its confused mother and ends up in the hands of an affluent elderly couple. The couple's daughter, a corporate lawyer based in Manila, decides to adopt the baby. Trouble ensues as soon as the mayor realizes he is the father.

The other incident concerns an idealistic OB-gyne who is sent to jail by the mayor for prescribing contraceptives to Magiliw’s womenfolk.

The beleaguered doctor finds an advocate in the same corporate lawyer who wants to adopt the foundling. Together they stand up against the mayor’s hypocritical rule.

Maayos at maganda ang pagkakagawa ng pelikula. Though may mga konting script na medyo mababaw at di bumagay sa pelikula. Maayos na nailahad ang gustong tumbukin ng pelikula with some sub plot on the side. Screenplay and Director’s treatment is ok. Actor’s performance is ok as well. G. Toengi delivers good acting on this movie same with Arnold Reyes and Wendell Ramos that delivers subtle approach on their character. It’s good to watch a film na may social relevance at napapanahon ang tinatalakay about family planning. This movie will help us to realize the real situation and outlook of citizens about family planning.

My Verdict: 3/5

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