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My Take on Local Films 2012

Here’s  what can I say to our local films for 2012, I think this year is one of the strongest that we have for film in terms of awards and recognition internationally, special mention to films like: Thy Womb , Bwakaw, and Graceland. Actors and Actress that gives recognition to our country like Nora Aunor, Eddie Garcia and Art Acuňa.  The following are for me the highlights of our local films for 2012:

The born of indie film arm of Star Cinema the Skylight Films which they coined their produced films as “Maindie” that  has a successful take in terms of box office like Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang beating My Kontrabida Girl and Amorosa beating commercial film I Do Bidoo Bidoo. Other products of Skylight are My Cactus Heart and Born  To Love You the launching film of Angeline Quinto together with Coco Martin. This film outfit will continue to produce their maindie films next year.

 The domination of mainstream actors and actress on Cinemalaya 2012 like: Judy Ann Santos, Izza Calzado, Janice De Belen, Agot Isidro, Dawn Zuleta, Eddie Garcia, Zanjoe Marudo, Dennis Trillo, Coco Martin, LJ Reyes, Albie Casiňo , Mylene Dizon, Jodi Sta. Maria, Alessandra De Rossi,  Dominic Roco and JM De Guzman

The continuing trend of “kabit’ movie that started all with last year’s No Other Woman and now with The Mistress and A Secret Affair which still making big on Box Office.

The two movies that made to give tribute to our favorite local music artists: I Do Bidoo Bidoo for APO Hiking Society and The Reunion for Eraserheads.

The youth oriented films, we got 2  in Cinemalaya:  Ang Nawawala and The Animals which is well made than the commercially produced The Reunion.

Our Oscar entry for Best Foreign Film : Bwakaw which got rave review from different film critics abroad and become fifth top tier contender in Oscar prediction site.

The controversy on selection of casts on Cinemalaya Entry: MNL 143 that lead to its disqualification which for me a  good stand for the director that he sticks with his choice Allan Paule and Joy Viado rather than the choice of Robbie Tan which is Victor Neri and Francine Prieto.

Plagiarism Issue: On the poster of Guni-Guni and Amorosa and the Story of One More Try to a Chinese Film: In Love We Trust.

Box Office Flops for 2012: My Kontrabida Girl, Just One Summer, I Do Bidoo Bidoo, Of All The Things,Every Breath You Take, Guni Guni, Pridyider, and Thy Womb.

Box Office Hit for 2012: All Star Cinema Films: The Mistress, Sisterakas,This Guy’s In Love With You Mare,One More Try, Unofficially Yours

Quality Films of Cinemalaya : Ang Nawawala, Requime, Bwakaw, The Animals,Posas, Sta. Niňa, Kalayaan and Mga Mumunting Lihim

If Cinemalaya 2012 got simple ,subtle and open ended treatment,  Cinema One Originals 2012 got a different kind of approach on film like: Catnip, Aberya, Mamay Umeng, Pascalina,Ang Paglalakbay ng mga Bituin Sa Gabing Madilim, EDSA XXX and Mariposa Sa Hawla ng Gabi.

The comeback of well acclaimed director Erick Matti on a film that utilizes green screen technology : Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles and on the comeback of sexy film era via the movie Rigodon helmed by the same director Erick Matti.

4 Films that I gave a perfect rating: I Do Bidoo Bidoo, The Mistress, Tiktik The Aswang Chronicles and The Grave Bandits.

Ensembles casts performance for the movies: Mga Mumunting Lihim, Sta. Niňa and Mater Dolorosa

Rookie filmmaker of the year:  Gino M Santos (The Animals) Marie Jamora ( Ang Nawawala) and Tyrone Acierto ( The Grave Bandits).

Restoration of Quality Classic Film: Himala and Oro Plata Mata.

Quality alternative films like: Documentary: Give Up Tomorrow, Medium Lenght Feature Film: Tukso, Short Films sponsored by Bench, Sunlife and Cinephone Film Festival

Actors that made noise this year on their movies that they've done.

Dingdong Dantes – For the excellent performance on the movie Tiktik the Awang Chronicles and One More Try

John Loyd Cruz - For the excellent performance on the movie Unofficially Yours and The Mistress

            Eddie Garcia – for the movie Bwakaw

Coco Martin – For the success of crossing from indie films to mainstream films. I have witnessed how his fans were so ecstatic to see him on the Gala Night of Sta. Niňa. Movies  done this year:  Born To Love You and Sta. Niňa.

JM De Guzman – for the movie Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino and Pridyider

Enchong Dee – for the movie  The Reunion and The Strangers

Alex Vincent Medina – An upcoming indie film actor to watch to and son of great actor Pen Medina. Cinema One Originals 2012 Best Actor for the movie Palitan: Other films done: Pascalina, Supremo and Mariposa Sa Hawla ng Gabi.

Actresses that made noise this year on their movies that they've done.

Angelica Panganiban - For excellence performance as lead actress for the movies: Every Breath You Take, 24/7 In Love, Madaling Araw Mahabag Gabi and One More Try.

Bea Alonzo – For the movie: The Mistress. Other movies  done:    24/7 In Love

Angel Locsin - For excellence performance as lead actress for the movies:  Unofficially Yours and One More Try

            Nora Aunor- For the movie: Thy Womb

Erich Gonzales - For excellence performance as lead actress for the movies : Corazon : Ang Unang Awang, Suddenly Its Magic, and Mariposa Sa Hawla ng Gabi

LJ Reyes – For the Movie:  Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino and Tiktik the Awang Chronicles

Janice De Belen - For excellence as lead/supporting actress for the following movies: Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles, The Healing, Pridyider, The Strangers, and Shake, Rattle and Roll 14: The Invasion

     Andi Eigenman – For the movie: A Secret Affair and Pridyider

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