Sunday, 10 February 2013

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A romantic gay comedy film stars Rocco Nacino and Rodjun Cruz.
Now Showing on selected SM Cinemas

Now Showing on selected SM Cinemas

Marvelous Alejo plays a wheelchair-bound cripple being attended to by what looks like her love interest.

Most likely inspired by the tearjerking classic song by the late, great Jim Croce, the film is likely to draw comparisons to similar heavy dramas like “A Walk To Remember” and “Dying Young” which also involves illness-related romance.

ASTRAY is a mystical love story between two drifting Souls who are separated by an untimely tragedy, where a tragic past haunts the memories of the present.

Katie’s (ANGEL AQUINO) heart bleeds of pain and unrequited feelings, while Lynn (ALTHEA VEGA) is a wandering soul who is lost in a realm that she can’t fully comprehend yet exists for a reason.

Set in the sprawling backdrop of the picturesque “Pinto Art Museum”, these star-crossed lovers reunite in a spiritual reality where underneath the unspoken words that wants to be heard, is the intense love from the depths of The Universe to weave its transcendent powers to heal Lost Souls.

Director’s Statement
The story of ASTRAY has been haunting my Heart & Soul ever since… I guess because I continue to live the fears and hopes of someone who is both afraid and hopeful in the matters of the Heart…

My greatest fear in Life is dying without having said what is needed to be said to the People that truly matters to me… hence, I wrote this story years ago of how painful it is to carry a “Love” in you and not being able to express it…

In the story, I put both of my experiences in Life & Love in Katie and Lynn’s characters.

LYNN is me (and you too, if you can relate to this feeling) in the sense that although you Love someone but you are not yet ready to put out your heart on a sleeve and give it to the person you love… because of certain concerns like goals first or love first? Or simply because you are not ‘ready’ for that someone to be a part of your life yet… or worst, you are not sure if that person is “the one” for you…

Like LYNN, she loves… but it is with a lot of concerns and she keeps it to her Self… and she’s not ready to give the love that’s shown to her a chance…

From being a Lynn who is awkward, scared and full of inhibitions, I am evolving to become a KATIE… that’s my hope/goal for my Self… to be someone who is courageous, loving and not afraid to show the true feelings of my Heart & Soul without letting my mind get in the way of showing Unconditional Love…  For me Katie is ideal the person, she loves passionately and openly without asking anything in return… she shows her love without the need for profit, she shows it because it makes her Happy to express her true feelings.

The greatest thing that I learned during the time I am making ASTRAY is that the love we give to someone is an amazing indication of how much we also deeply love Our Self.

Though the story of ASTRAY is something that I have written, I never feel that this is my film alone… for one thing; filmmaking is a collaborative process from all the cast and crew who are involved in it, and all the people who helped to make it happen… especially the actors who gave life to the roles and put their own experiences to their characters… so when I say it is OUR FILM, I mean it! For one thing, this film can’t be made without people coming together and sharing to create something… something that I hope will be great.

Although ASTRAY was written around 2008 and has been re-written many times as well; all the sentiments, dialogues and hopes in it are very current… I picked it up again and vowed to finally make it a Film because it is my “Postcard” to someone very Important to Me…

And because I am Person who immensely Loves making Films that are close to my Heart… and that hopefully, can mean something to someone too…


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