Monday, 18 February 2013

Movie Review: A Moment In Time

After seeing her on the train, amateur artist Patrick (Coco Martin) becomes obsessed with Jillian (Julia Montes). He pursues her relentlessly, despite not knowing anything about her. He eventually wins her over, only to learn that she was the driver of the car that ran over his mother years ago. This fact, along with other issues, causes Patrick to push Jillian away, even as she falls in love with him. Patrick eventually learns the error of his ways, but by then, he might be far too late.

Here's my take on the movie, the first part of the movies is very rom com style, full of romance and kilig the formula that star cinema knows for romantic movie and nagustuhan ko siya bec it is fast paced and effective. But when the twists revealed doon na naging mabigat yung movie talagang makikita mo yung transition and extremes for the treatment na ginawa nung director so medyo nabigatan lng ako sa ginawang treatment and I did not expect na ganun yung twist nung movie. So kung ano yung kinaglossy nung first part then medyo naging dragging yung 2nd part nung movie parang hindi siya kumonek dun sa first part ng movie. So medyo na disappoint ako dun.

Acting wise both Coco and Julia delivered. And medyo brave and daring din si Julia dito on one of her scene as she is the one that initiates the kiss lips to lips coming from an incoming 18yr old girl. Naipakita ni Coco rito na kaya din niyang magromcom at di lang puro drama ang kaya niyang gawin. And we can not deny that Coco Martin is the hottest and popular matinee idol today base on the feedback that we are getting especially sa mga masa na kuwang kuwa niya ang loob. Joi and Jaj is a good support sa movie naaliw ako sa kanila. Ang nagustuhan kong scene sa Amsterdam is yung windmill, it is very classic for me na bihira akong makakita ng ganung location.
Technicalities of the movie is ok especially the editing wala naman akong nakitang glitch. So yung  treatment, the twist, story and screenplay lang sa 2nd part ang di ko nagustuhan. The movie is just so so for me.

My Verdict: 3/5

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