Tuesday, 29 May 2018

ToFarm Film Festival 2018 Official Entries Announced

As announced today, the following are the ToFarm Film Festival 2018 Entries

1. 1957 - a historical drama written and directed by Hubert Tibi

2. Alimuom - science-fiction, written and directed by Keith Sicat

3. Fasang - period romance, written by Charlson Ong

4. Isang Kuwento ng Gubat (The Leonard Co Story) - a biopic written by Rosalie Matilac, directed by Ellen-Ongkeko-Marfil, Rosalie Matilac and Milo Paz.

5. Lola Igna - a cultural drama, written and directed by Eduardo Roy Jr.

6. Mga Anak ng Kamote - a futuristic drama written by John Carlo Pacala, and directed by Carlo Catu

7. Sol Searching - a dark comedy written and directed by Roman Perez Jr.

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