Saturday, 5 May 2018

My 2 Mommies Celebrates Motherhood Regardless of Gender

It's time of the year again when Regal Films will give us their film offering for Mother this year. Previous film like Our Mighty Yaya, The Mommy Returns, Mamarazzi, My Monter's Mom and Mano Po 6: A Mother's Story gave us a different kind of story of being a mother that truly capture the heart of the moviegoers.

This year, Regal Entertainment, Inc. is coming up with a Mother's Day offering, which honors all the mothers out there; whether they are biological mothers or mothers at heart. My 2 Mommies, which mainly stars Paolo Ballesteros, Solenn Heussaff, and Maricel Soriano is a touching movie that celebrates motherhood and aims to show that more than the gender, being a mother is all about a parent's unconditional love for to the child.

On the bloggers' conference of the My 2 Mommies, two of the cast Paollo Ballesteros, Marcu Cabias and director Eric Quizon takes us behind the scenes in filming My 2 Mommies and how they enjoyed  working with each other. Actor-Director Eric Quizon shares how the shooting was smooth sailing and just a happy and chill set. Paolo Ballesteros share his insight as well on doing consecutive gay roles for the past 2 years and what makes My 2 Mommies different from his other gay films.

My 2 Mommies tells the story of Manu, a discreet gay guy, with a successful career but is not out to his family. Furthermore, he is in a same-sex relationship that he also keeps under the radar.
But his life takes a pivotal turn when Monique, a woman from Manu’s his past, shows up one day and admits to him that they have a seven-year-old son. Is Manu prepared to reveal his kid that his dad is also a “mommy” and confess his true identity? Is Manu ready for the responsibilities of parenthood and raise his son in an unconventional way?

My 2 Mommies top-billed by Paolo Ballesteros, Solenn Heussaff and Maricel Soriano opens in cinemas on May 9. It also stars Joem Bascon, Diane Medina, Marcus Cabais, Debraliz,  Mich Liggayu, Billy Ray Gallion and more. 

This Regal Entertainment Inc.’s Mother’s Day Presentation is directed by Eric Quizon.

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