Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Solar Pictures bring Citizen Jake in cinemas nationwide starting May 23

Mike de Leon's much-awaited comeback film “Citizen Jake” will finally be screening in Philippine cinemas nationwide starting May 23.
Nearly two months since its premiere at the University of the Philippines, the people Citizen Jake are working towards getting the film to a wider audience.

De Leon, whose films “Batch 81” and “Sister Stella L” made their respective marks in Philippine cinema, has returned from an 18-year hiatus with “Citizen Jake,” which he penned together with real-life journalist Atom Araullo and comic book writer Noel Pascual.

Citizen Jake is a personal saga of a Filipino and his struggles with the contradictions within his own social class and the demands of a dysfunctional political family in a Third World nation. It is the story of Jake Herrera, journalist and estranged son of a powerful Philippine Senator. More than anything, he wants to prove he is not like his father. This has been the motivation for most of his adult life’s decisions, from career choice to his attempt to build a life for himself far away, in Baguio. But circumstances force him to try tosolve the brutal murder of a young, female student from the university he teaches in. The investigation brings him on a path to encounter corruption and to finally face his own demons.

The cast is composed of a stellar ensemble that includes Cherie Gil, Dina Bonnevie, Luis Alandy, Gabby Eigenmann, Max Collins, Teroy Guzman, Lou Veloso, Richard Quan, with Victor Neri, Allan Paule, Anna Luna, Elora Espano, Cholo Baretto, Raquel Villavicencio, Nanding Josef, Ruby Ruiz and featuring Atom Araullo as Jake Herrera.

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