Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Movie Review: Citizen Jake

Citizen Jake is a family drama-thriller that tells the story of Jake Herrera, a journalist and an estranged son of a powerful Philippine Senator. Jake is investigating the death of a young female student. The pursuit of justice leads Jake to encounter the ills of Philippine society and test his personal values and convictions.

Seasoned filmmaker, Mike De Leon comeback is worth the wait with his eye opening socio political brave film Citizen Jake.  It is a well orchestrated nonlinear story telling with fine music and multi-layer unpredictable plot twists to keep you on the edge of your seat. The film presents symbolism showing how history seems to be repeating by itself because of our people’s short memory.

Baguio serves more than just a location in this film but also a character on its own that was referenced just like any other cities in the Philippines that are polluted, congested and struggled with its colonial and cultural status.

The powerful performance of the ensemble cast is worth watching from Teroy Guzman, Nonnie Buencamino, Cherry Gil, that  stands out in this film, Luis Alandy, that was good in this film with his affecting performance, Max Collins, the revelation  in this film, Gabby Eigenmann,  the comic relief up to Atom Arauallo which was good as a new actor.

Overall the film plays with its tagline “truth is stranger than fiction” with our current political events, spreading of fake news and historical revisionism, sometimes its hard for us to decipher what’s real and what’s not, making all of us a Citizen Jake.

My Verdict: 5/5

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