Thursday, 2 November 2017

Movie Review: 12

12 tells the story of Anton and Erika, a couple who started out as friends for 5 years then became in a relationship for 7 years, making it a total of 12 years of being together. Anton is a commercial director, while Erika is a former band member who becomes his stay-at-home partner, lovingly and happily devoting her time taking care of her man. Finally, the day comes when he asks her to marry him… will they end up getting married and stay together forever?

12 is a modern romance love story told unconventionally. I like the style of storytelling. A simple well done non linear love story that has a natural sense of pacing. Even if with its
unusual narrative the film has been able to grasp its potential and deliver its intention to tell a story about trapped in an unhappy relationship. Thanks to well written screenplay of Alessandra De Rossi that works significantly with the fine direction, snappy editing and collaborated production design to make 12 as one of the decent local film that I've seen this year. Truly Alessandra and Ivan gave a reasonable performance to justify their characters and gave us a decent cinematic experience. 12 is one of the film that is truly admirable because of its unique treatment but gave us an honest film that we can relate to. 12 opens in cinemas nationwide starting Nov 8 2017.

My Verdict:  4/5


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