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Cinema One Originals Film Festival 2017 Official Entries


 After five decades of marriage, Alejandra wants to separate from her husband Uro. And so Alejandra visits her children, one by one, to notify them and ask for their blessing. But the children are now busy with their own lives; one daughter, even busy with an election campaign. But when her youngest and dearest daughter contracts a heart attack, the entire family is forced to gather in a hospital where, together, they must face the separation.

Starring: Dexter Doria, Noel Trinidad, Shamaine Buencamino, Eula Valdes, Ricky Davao, Cielo Aquino, Ina Feleo, Paolo Paraiso, Miguel Valdes, Sari Estrada, Dravin Angeles, Sunshine Teodoro, Thea Yrastorza

Written and Directed By: Giancarlo Abrahan

A mosaic of historical facts, fictions and in-betweens – human acts born out of a primeval instinct to survive under adverse conditions. Historiographika Errata paints an absurd yet brutally honest visage of a race plagued by misfortunes.
A disillusioned and suicidal Rizal, a cross-dressing Bonifacio gripped with paranoia, an ex-Katipunero who joins the US army to save his own neck, and a widow whose sex-for- food errands lead her to become the first ever Makapili. These are the historical mosaics that will form a singular hypothesis as to why we are like this as a people and up to now still reeling from our damaged culture.

Starring: Joem Bascon, Alex Medina, Nathalie Hart, Max Eigenmann, Dong Abay, Rafa Siguion-Reyna, Jess Mendoza, Paolo Paraison

Written By: Jim Flores

Directed By: Richard V. Somes

Based on the Palanca Award-winning play by Vincent de Jesus, Changing Partner is a bittersweet exploration of relationships told in perspectives of various genders

 Starring: Agot Isidro, Anna Luna, Jojit Lorenzo and Sandino Martin

Written By: Vincent De Jesus

Directed By: Dan Villegas

Martin is a rich, sheltered youth who gets transformed into an aswang by his yaya, Nay Luisa. She teaches him how to hunt the poor and the weak for food.

Starring: Enchong Dee, Jameson Blake and Ms. Sylvia Sanchez
with Harvey Bautista and Carla Humphrie

Written and Directed by Kip Oebanda 

Throwback Today is about Primo, a man who looks back at his life with so much regret. But due to a technical glitch, he gets a chance to re-write history.

Starring: Carlo Aquino, Annicka Dolonius, Empress Shuck and Allan Paule

Directed By: Joseph Teoxon

Eight-year old Yael, shy to a fault, lives in her own private world. Everything changes when she finds out about a pen that can translate the thoughts and feelings of nervous people.

Starring: Jana Agoncillo and Sid Lucero

Written and Directed By: Shireen Seno

Si Chedeng at si Apple is a film about two friends who are both in their 60s. In the wake of her husband's death, Chedeng, 66, decides to come out of the closet. Her best friend Apple, 63, beheads her live-in partner in a fit of rage. Bound by friendship, the two elderly women, together with the severed head placed inside a Louis Vuitton bag, set off an adventure to find Chedeng's ex-girlfriend.

From the producers of That Thing Called Tadhana, si Chedeng at si Apple is the directorial debut of the writers of Patay na si Hesus and Birdshot.

Starring: Elizabeth Oropesa and Gloria Diaz

Written By: Fatrick Tabada

Directed By: Fatrick Tabada


Bundok Banahaw, Sacred and Profane is an exploration of the titular mystical mountain, using secret histories and sacred knowledge as a way of piecing together our cultural psyche.

Written By: The Banahaw Faithful and Profane

Directed By: Dempster Samarista

Haunted: A Visit to the Red House focuses on the atrocities visited by Japanese soldiers on comfort women during World War 2, a horrendous collective memory that remains eerily relevant and refuses to be forgotten.

Directed By: Phyllis Grande

The 13th Cinema One Originals runs from November 13-21 at Trinoma, Glorietta, Gateway, UP Cine Adarna, Cinema 76 and Cinematheque with an extended run from November 22-28 at the Power Plant Mall

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