Saturday, 4 November 2017

KenBie is Sweeter in Their Film - This Time I'll Be Sweeter

Started as friends in the hit youth oriented show Tween Hearts, Barbie Forteza and Ken Chan has developed 6 years of friendship already. They were paired this year for the first time in another hit prime time series Meant to Be and now they are ready to conquer the silver screen in their first film together, This Time I'll Be Sweeter. The two were tagged by the director of their film Joel Lamangan as an intelligent actor that knows their craft well.

Moviegoers and fans alike were all agog over the tandem's scenes as well as the film's fine quality when the full tailer of this Joel Lamangan opus first made its way on the different social media platforms.

Barbie and Ken initially caught the televiewers' fancy when they were paired in the hit primetime series "Meant To Be", thus was born the Ken-Bie loveteam, which also gave birth to loyal followers who rejoiced specially when Barbie ended in Ken arm's by the series' finale.

This Time I'll Be Sweeter is so much different from the pair's recently-concluded soap in that the film requires from Barbie and Ken much deeper emotional range without sacrificing moments of kilig, joy and laughter.

In the movie Erika (Barbie), and Tristan (Ken) are classmates in college A young love blossomed between Erika and Tristan and one ended up getting hurt.A circumstance cause them to cross their path. But is Erika prepared to be hurt again? Can love be sweeter the second time around?

Thea Tolentino, meanwhile, co-stars as the third wheel  to Erika and Tristan's love story. This serve as Barbie and Thea's reunion project after working together in a successful afternoon series "The Half Sisters".

Others in the cast are Kim Rodriguez, Akihiro Blanco, Hiro Peralta, Ara Mina, Rey "PJ" Abellana, Yayo Aguila, Neil Ryan Sese, Jai Agpangan, Rosalind Wee, Fiona Yang, and Khaki Ramirez.

Catch Barbie and Ken spread love, tears and romance in theaters nationwide starting November 8, 2017.


The Cast of This Time I'll Be Sweeter with Direk Joel Lamangan

Khaki Ramirez

Fiona Young

Hiro Peralta

Kim Rodriguez

Joi Agpangan

Akihiro Blanco

The Cast of This Time I'll Be Sweeter with Direk Joel Lamangan and Mother Lily Monteverde

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