Sunday, 26 March 2017

Diplomazee - Job Portal of the Millenials & Generation Z

So often, college students look at graduation like a finish line. At the beginning, that finish line seems so far away--and honestly, most aren't ready to cross it. However, after three, four, or sometimes even five years pass, the finish line approaches and it's all students can do not to sprint for the black and white checkered flag.

While graduating from college is a fantastic goal to set and accomplish, the reality is that it's not the end-all-be-all. Graduating from college can't be looked at as a finish line. Rather, it should be viewed like a checkpoint. After receiving your diploma comes the challenge of finding a job and launching your career.

Don't worry, as Diplomazee is now here. Diplomazee is a new HR Tech Start-up founded in Singapore & Philippines Tech Developers, tailor-made for newly graduates and interns in the Philippines. It's been managed under the supervision of Harper & Hill Executive Search Inc., a boutique HR and Consulting firm specialize in Emerging Countries.

Get ready for the ultimate Diplomazee experience! as it will launch a user friendly application that will help fresh graduates to find their job. This application features a 10 seconder video resume, live interview interface capabilities and a tailor made application that will help you to profile your first company.

Diplomazee's mission and vision is to provide fresh graduates with equal opportunity and access to highly competitive entry level jobs in the Philippines and to be recognized by all graduates as the most essential launching platform to start a fruitful career.

For more information visit the official website at and their official social media account: Facebook:  Twitter: @Diplomazee

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