Sunday, 19 March 2017

Higanti Opens In Cinemas March 22 2017

 Watch the video below as the stars Assunta De Rossi, Meg Imperial, Jon Lucas, Kiko Matos, DJ Durano and director Rommel Ricafort reveal their experience doing the film Higanti.

Rising star Hashtag member Jon Lucas who also stars in Higanti was interviewed before the premiere screening of Higanti. He shares some personal stuff that will help you know more of the matinee idol.

And finally watch as the stars of Higanti graces the premiere night of their film.


“HIGANTI” (Revenge) is the story about how a wealthy family crumbled because of greed and selfishness.  It tells how a strong and loving woman fight to get back everything that was stolen from her and how a wealthy family crumbled because of greed and selfishness.

 The main character, Leni Buenaobra (Assunta De Rossi), a mother, wife and a businesswoman who was abused by her husband, Congressman Alex Ariete (Jay Manalo), lost her children, Jean (Meg Imperial) and Francis (Jon Lucas) because they chose to stay with their father during the time when Leni fell ill.

Alex married another woman, Dolly (Katrina Halili) after his marriage with Leni got annulled.  He brainwashed their children to get all their mother’s hard earned wealth.

The story shows how people should hold on to the Lord and not to take revenge because it is the Lord who will protect us and vengeance is His.

Starring: Assunta De Rossi, Jay Manalo, Meg Imperial, Katrina Halili, DJ Durano, Jon Lucas,

Also Starring: Alwyn Uytingco, Kiko Matos, Ruby Ruiz, Lui Manansala, Daniel Pasia, Jerick Quinola, One Rommel Ricafort and Gabriel Papasin

“Higanti” opens March 22 (Wednesday) in local cinemas.

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