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Carlo, Rocco, Enzo, Kean as Bar Boys: A Law School Barkada Movie

 Produced by Tropic Frills and co-produced by Rotary Club of San Miguel, Makati in cooperation with SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc., Bar Boys is movie about a group of friends who enter law school and get more than what they bargained for. A group of friends enter the dog-eat-dog world of law school.

Starring: Carlo Aquino, Rocco Nacino, Enzo Pineda and Kean Cipriano

Written and Directed By: Kip Oebanda

Direk Kip speaks on the background and conceptualization and birth of the screenplay of “Bar Boys.” He was watching a horror flick with a lawyer friend where one scene showed an evil lawyer trying to coerce the heroine to sell her house. His friend commented he would die first, “Contravida naman ang abogado palagi.”

The comment led direk Kip to search and explore issues about law school – its culture, students, professors, camaraderie. It took him two years to finish the full-length script.

He taught at a downtown university and was disappointed that many of his students didn’t like reading and at times copy-paste things from the Internet. He felt there was value in the way law students – and similar disciplines – take their learning seriously. “I believe that to succeed, we much sacrifice.”
Direk Kip hopes “Bar Boys” will answer these questions: How much do you sacrifice for your health, family, and loved ones? Do you sacrifice your principles and your friends?

Here's what Direk Kip says on working on each of the four actor

On Carlo Aquino: “I think Carlo felt that the character was close to what he experienced in real life. He brought a lot of his own fears, pains, and disappointments in real life into the role.
“As a person, he is one of the nicest people I’ve worked with. He is nice to everyone in the production. When he warms up to you, he is a witty and smart artist who takes his craft seriously.”

On Rocco Nacino: “Rocco actually made a lot of sacrifices, both professional and personal, to help us make the film happen.
“I gave him a lot of space to improvise with the character and many of the choices he made went into the final film and made his character richer.
“I like working with actors who bring something to the table: ideas, emotions, etc. – and he brings a lot.”

On Enzo Pineda: “I think this is Enzo’s first lead role in a film. Naturally, he initially had fears. What I appreciated was that he took risks and allowed himself to be vulnerable for the role.

On Kean Cipriano: “It’s my second time working with Kean (first was in ‘Tumbang Preso’) and we know each other well. Communicating with him is easy. “Also, because he is a generally funny person, he was able to lighten up the mood and make everyone feel at ease which then helped us create the chemistry in the film.”


 Bar Boys Coming Soon in  SM Cinemas


Kean Cipriano

Hazel Faith Dela Cruz

Rocco Nacino

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