Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Movie Review: Northern Lights: A Journey To Love

Piolo plays Charlie in the film. He moved to Alaska and left his girlfriend in Manila already pregnant. He promised to return for her, but when he got back to Manila, she’s already with another man and he was so heartbroken. After eight years, her girlfriend is sending their son,  (Raiko Matteo), to him in Alaska to live with him. Since the boy is traveling alone, he is entrusted to another passenger who’s also going to Alaska to look for her long lost mother, a student named Angel (Yen Santos). In the process, beautiful music will develop between Piolo and Yen, with Raiko serving as the link between them.

Northern Lights: A Journey To Love is an interesting film to watch because of the beauty of the place and the movie's story. The acting is top notch with Piolo Pascual and Yen Santos which has chemistry instantly. Raiko Mateo is such a sincere child actor that was so adorable in this film and will make your heart cry out loud. I enjoyed watching the film as well because of its beautiful location that was fully utilized in this film. The film's good cinematography help to boost the emotion of the characters. The film will give you the lesson of importance of family in one's life. Truly a heart warming local film that deserve to be watched.

My Verdict: 3.5/5

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