Friday, 16 September 2016

Movie Review: Barcelona: A Love Untold

Ely, a young man who can't get over Celine, his past love, meets Mia, a young woman who escaped from a painful past in the Philippines and is trying her luck to rebuild her life in Spain. They meet. They fall in love. But can they overcome the hurt of the past to have a future together?

Barcelona: A Love Untold is the flagship film of KathNiel for mature roles. Daniel Padilla raises this heart warming film above average in a good performance that conveys with a lot of sensitivity  while Kathryn Bernardo portrays a complex  character with the pangs of depression that she exemplary delivers.  KathNiel chemistry has already established and undeniable wherever they are.  The film is an epitome of millennials falling in love in another country that also shows personal struggle and vision in life. The film also reflects the conventional story of Filipinos living in Barcelona that become even more enchanting due  to the  beauty of its locations.  Overall Barcelona: A Love Untold is a touching, emotional journey with beautiful landscapes and story that worth telling.

My Verdict:  3.5/5

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