Monday, 19 September 2016

Luis Alandy, Alan Paule and Joem Bascon share and fight over Nathalie Hart in Siphayo (Dismay)

“Siphayo” tells a shocking tale of a man and his two sons will share a woman together and then later fight because of her resulting to a tragic and violent end. Alan Paule plays the father while Ma. Isabel Lopez is his sick wife. Luis Alandy and Joem Bascon are their sons. Luis has a wife played by Elora Espano. Their world takes a wild turn with the arrival of a beautiful nurse named Alice played by Nathalie Hart.

What is interesting to watch out for in the film is how the three men share and fight over Nathalie’s attention. In the movie, each of the three men will try to outdo each other in bed just to get Nathalie’s favor. Alan, Luis and Joem bare their bodies. There is butt exposure among the three and if there’s more than that “butt” that gets exposed then that is the movie’s big surprise.

Direk Joel Lamangan has nothing but praises for the three lead actors. Aside from being daring in their love scenes, they show their mettle in acting. Giving a good performance is foremost in the minds of Alan, Luis and Joem.

“Alan Paule is very good. Well, he has always been good. Luis Alandy is a very serious actor. He has very expressive eyes and his when he acts his face runs into a gamut of emotions. Joem is a natural. He was able to provide the “innocence” for his role being the youngest in the family. He seems to be innocence but in truth he is not. Maria Isabel Lopez is not far behind in the acting game. She really looked as if she is sick with cancer. I also liked the Elora because she has no qualms in baring and has so much acting intensity. But I am also proud of
Nathalie Hart. She is very, very good in Siphayo," Direk Joel declares proudly.

“Siphayo” is not just a movie that is full of sensitive scenes and provocative scenes. Although there were several scenes of skin baring and violence, it was given by an R-16 rating without cuts by the MTRCB. They cited the movie’s good craftsmanship – fine cinematography, excellent acting by the stars and its social message as espoused in the story.

Written byEric Ramos, “Siphayo” is produced by BG Productions International of Ms. Baby Go. It will have a Red Carpet Premiere Night on October 3 at SM Megamall. Regular showing starts on October 5 in selected theaters nationwide. It will also have a world premiere in New York this October.


The Cast Of Siphayo With the Director Joel Lamangan and Producer Ms. Baby Go

The Cast of Siphayo: Luis Alandy, Elora Espano, Nathalie Hart, Ma. Isabel Lopez, Joem Bascon, Allan Paule

The Three Main Cast of Siphayo: Joem Bascon, Nathalie Hart and Luis Alandy

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