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Ringgo, The Dog Shooter - In Competition Filipino New Cinema Section: World Premieres Film Festival Philippines 2016

“Ringgo, The Dog Shooter” is one of the six finalists in the Filipino New Cinema section of the 3rd World Premieres Film Festival (WPFF) 2016. Organized by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) in cooperation with the Cinematheque Centre Manila, “Ringgo, the Dog-shooter” is slated to run from June 29 to July 10 in selected cinemas.

The film is produced by Olivia Films Productions of Olive Oteyza, screenplay is by the most-awarded screenwriter in Philippine Cinema Ricky Lee, and direction by Rahyan Carlos.

Olivia Oteyza, Micha Oteyza, Liza Diño,  Janice De Belen, Sandino Martin, Rahyan Carlos, I'nca, Lester Zapanta

The story was conceptualized by Carlos 4 years ago, who thought about making a film about dog-shooters – a person who assists dogs during mating. Carlos himself is a dog-lover and breeds Alaskan Malamutes, Saint Bernards, Dobermans and Golden Retrievers.

This film will also tackle issues of lesbian couples, children who feel unloved by their parents, and the relationship between a dog and his owner. This is their story. “Ringgo, the dog-shooter” shows that people need not be related by blood to genuinely care for each other and that man’s best friend should be loved and never be physically abused by humans.  Genre is Dark drama and R-13.

Janice De Belen shares on the presscon of the film that she was challenged in her role as a lesbian especially in doing the love scene with Liza Diño who plays her girlfriend in the film but with the support of Liza and her director Rahyan Carlos, she's been able to do deliver in that scene. Janice was the personal choice of Rahyan Carlos for the role and both of them shares interest with dogs that's why they enjoyed doing the film.

Micha Oteyza, Rahyan Carlos, Janice De Belen, Olivia Oteyza, Sandino Martin

Introducing in the film is the half-Filipino-half Turkish raised in New York Micha Oteyza the only daughter of the producer Olivia Oteyza. Micha undergo Star Magic workshop with Rahyan Carlos so it become easy for her to work with the director. She feels comfortable working with his leading man Sandino which she refer as a professional actor. 

Sandino Martin after the success of his last film Esprit De Corps took a break in films and went to Berlin to study and improve his craft by taking acting lessons that he somehow applied in this film. Aside from studying abroad, he also did a play last year at CCP then come 2016 he did the CineFilipino entry Ang Tulay ng San Sebastian, he is also part of the upcoming film Larawan and now with his starring role in Ringgo, The Dog Shooter which is another good acting vehicle for him.


I'nca - the Doberman in the film

Lester Zapanta giving instruction to his Doberman - I'nca

The Main Cast of Ringgo, The Dog Shooter: Janice De Belen, I'nca and Sandino Martin


 July 1, Fri, 8pm – SM North Edsa Cinema 6 (Gala Premiere)
 July 3, Sun, 3pm – SM North Edsa Cinema 6
July 4, Mon, 3pm – SM North Edsa Cinema 6
 July 6, Wed, 7pm – SM Megamall Cinema 6
 July 8, Fri, 7pm – SM Megamall Cinema 6
 July 9, Sat, 9pm – SM Megamall Cinema 6

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