Monday, 6 June 2016

Maxene Magalona Relates To Her Character In Love Me Tomorrow

Maxene Magalona played as the daughter of Dawn Zulueta in the film Love Me Tomorrow whose not in favor on the romance of her mother to a younger man played by Piolo Pascual.Maxene's character in the film is at lowest stage of her life as she undergo a separation with her husband. Like in the film Maxene says in the bloggers' conference that she undergo the lowest stage of her life when her father passed away. She goes out partying every night which later on she realized that it became her coping mechanism. Good thing that she's been able to slow down on it and listen to her mother's advise.

She also happily shares on how she got startrucked to Piolo and Dawn at the set and talks about on how proud she is on her cool Magalona family and the lessons she learned from them in her life. Watch more of Maxene's lively bloggers'conference for Love Me Tomorrow here.

Love Me Tomorrow now showing on its 2nd week nationwide.

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