Sunday, 26 June 2016

Dagsin Trailer and Poster - Cinemalaya 2016 Full Length Feature

After surviving the Death March, Martial Law and the loss of his legs, Justino became an atheist. But when his wife dies, a part of him is yearning to believe in life beyond death; just for a chance to be with her again. Searching for parts of her he can still hold on to, he devours her diaries for information into their past --opening a Pandora's Box of secrets.

Starring: Tommy Abuel, Lotlot De Leon, Benjamin Alves, Janine Gutierrez, Sue Prado, Marita Zobel, Rolando Inocencio, Yoshihiko Hara, Arpee Bautista. Introducing Alex Diaz

Written and Directed By: Atom Magadia

Cinemalaya 2016 will be held on August 5-14, 2016 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and Ayala Cinemas

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  1. Thank you for posting "DAGSIN." We are a very small independent production and we appreciate and value your support! For more detailed info on the film, please visit or FB page - and our website - See you all in August��