Friday, 26 February 2016

Movie Review: Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe tackles a prevalent setup in relationships these days: the no-label kind, as more and more people seem afraid to commit. They are represented by Gerald Anderson and Arci Munoz’s characters, who both came from failed relationships. Things will take an unexpected turn in their lives when they meet and help each other forget their exes. In losing the pain, will they find a love that’s for always in each other? Or will things remain just “maybe”? 

Witty, Fun and Sexy - three words to describe the film. Always Be My Maybe is entertaining and fulfills its role as a romantic comedy. The film is a modern take of two individuals both moving on from failed relationship. Arci Munoz is a gem in acting for delivering a bubbly and natural performance. Gerald Anderson had its own shining moment as well in the film. These two were amazing together in this movie. Cacai Bautista is a laugh trip and scene stealer. The modern script will appeal to audience members both young and old. Screenpaly is commendable as well as director's treatment for giving us a fresh take of a present-day love story. Overall, I loved the film. If you want to watch a fresh local romantic comedy film and laugh a lot, watch this.

My Verdict: 4/5


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