Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Saturday Night Chills Official Poster and Teaser - Cinema One Currents Category Cinema One Originals 2013 Official Entry

A coming of age, thriller, crime film. About 3 Chinoy friends who got involved in the world of illegal sports betting scheme.

The film follows the lives of three long-time Chinoy friends: MARK, JEFF, and JOHN who seem to be on their quarter life crisis. MARK is working for his family’s business in Chinatown, Manila. JOHN is a call-center agent in Makati, and JEFF is a womanizing bum. 

 Aimless and bored with their everyday lives, the three often spend their weekend nights together hanging out in brothels and bars. One night, the guys bump into BRIAN, their former class loser. Later on, the guys find out that BRIAN is a reputable “Banka” (bookie) in the illegal sports gambling scheme (Odds) in the Philippines. With their eagerness to be released from their average lives, MARK, JEFF and JOHN enter the world of “Odds”. Soon enough, the guys are already earning big money, but all good things are meant to come to an end when an unexpected incident will test their friendship and will permanently change their lives.

Starring: Rayver Cruz, Joseph Marco and Matteo Guidicelli

Also Starring: David Chua, Miko Raval and Nico Antonio

Written and Directed By: Ian Loreños

Cinema One Originals Festival 2013 will be held in Glorietta, Robinsons Galleria, and Trinoma on November 11-19 2013!

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