Monday, 28 October 2013

Angustia Official Poster and Trailer - Cinema One Current Category Cinema One Originals 2013 Official Entry

Don Victorino Hernandez, a creole secular priest from Manila, has two passions: botany and the total conversion of the native population particularly the Agtas, who in spite of the rigorous undertakings of Spanish colonialism continue to live in the hinterlands, giving them a notorious reputation in the minds of the lowlanders as well as the colonizers.
His initial assignment in an affluent parish in Bikol gives him the chance to pursue his interest in plants. The lush tropical landscape provides him with a variety of flora for his collection while he performs the task of conversion. He encounters Dunag, an Agta girl whose life will intertwine with his, along with Sikaw, her lover; and Guada, a former balyana or pre-colonial priestess.

Dunag, who eluded Sikaw in a tribal marriage practice, finds sanctuary in the church as well as in Don Hernandez. In her conversion to the Catholic faith, Dunag is guided by Guada, who continues to practice her animist beliefs despite being Hernandez’s convent help. In turn, Dunag helps Sikaw in his conversion when they decide to get married against the wishes of Don Hernandez. The priest sees this as an act of defiance against his own scheme for them; their marriage triggers his descent into paranoia and violence.

Don Hernandez is eventually reassigned by church authorities to a much smaller and much more desolate doctrina or mission post. Don Hernandez's faith and intellect are challenged by Natividad, a folk healer, who claims to have dreamt the Virgin Mary. Tormented by Natividad’s claim and after several haunting experiences, Don Hernandez decides his fate.

Starring: Alex Medina, Jazmin Llana, Vic Loquias, Michelle Smith and Maria Isabel Lopez

Directed By: Kristian Cordero

Cinema One Originals Festival 2013 will be held in Glorietta, Robinsons Galleria, and Trinoma on November 11-19 2013!

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