Friday, 4 October 2013

Movie Review: Hello, World

Childhood friends JEFF and JOHANN are fresh out of high school boys who wanted to experience the most out of their lives before they enter college. Their series of silly and awkward encounters and experimentation – a crazy mix of young love, underage drinking and exploration of sexuality lead them both to a realization of their own maturity.

I enjoyed watching the film dahil nakarelate ako at natuwa sa mga situation na pinakita sa movie. I appreciate the authenticity and
rawness of the film as it like I'm just watching the characters on a
corner of a street. The director's treatment is very simple they just tackle the typical life of the youth and experience by means of just talking. Tamang kuwentuhan lang ng magbabarkada. Napaka simple lang ng pelikula na pag sinundan mo may mga eksena na makakarelate ka kasi pinagdaanan mo itong stage na ito sa iyong buhay. Eto iyong stage ng buhay mo na you are starting to explore new things and first time experiences. The film is also a realization of current life of youth in today's generation. The film is brave enough to show the real situation of youth these days from sex to drugs, family issues , insecurities , friendship, first love , crush, relationship and heartbreak. The film shows a bold take of life of youth that we dont usually see on a mainstream flick.

After watching this film, ang sarap magreminisce ng mga pinagdaanan mo nung teen ager ka and you will wish na sana you stucked on that stage of your life. The film also has its own style of telling the story hindi sya iyong usual na narrative and linear even sa angle ng camera makabagong style din yung approach. It also reflect as well sa film na mga bata pa yung nasa production dahil sa style, treatment and screenplay.

The artist acts naturally from Karl Medina up to his bestfriend in the film pati yung partner ni Karl and all the other casts. Casualan lang and its effective at bumagay sa pelikula. So light lang yung movie, characters are cool, movie is relatable and not pretentious. So far this is the best coming of age film that I watch this year. You may still catch this film today and tomorrow at Trinoma Mall for you to know why I am fascinated on this film.

My Verdict: 3.5/5

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