Sunday, 29 July 2012

Movie Review : Imik and Tukso


“Imik” is the story of Claire – wife to a loving husband, mother to two lovely kids, and she has never had an orgasm. Embarrassment, guilt, and a fear of her own desires have made her sexual relationship with her husband a constant struggle. These days, Claire’s only relief is being back in the workforce after having been a housewife for years.
Until one day, Claire suddenly finds herself pregnant again.
Coupled with her unfulfilled desires as a woman, Claire’s fear of going back to the life she had before leads her to desperately find a moment of freedom from the role she cannot escape.


“Imik” is the product of many intimate conversations I’ve had with female friends -  most of them married or in serious long-term relationships – over cigarette breaks, lunch breaks, and even late night chats. Unfortunately, these conversations have been the best source of sex education for women faced with the complexities of sexual relationships especially in an extremely patriarchal society.
It is quite surprising how many Filipino women, no matter how seemingly liberated lives they had as single women, find themselves helpless and confused after a few years of marriage. And talking about it is the hardest thing to do. They whisper, they blush, and most of all, they fear these desires and of being found out by their male partners lest they suffer the consequences – a cold shoulder, an ultimatum or being called ungrateful, immoral, and sometimes a whore. However, despite this fear, there has always been an overwhelming need to be understood and heard. Hence, this film project.

My Review

The movie tackles a sensitive topic about satisfaction of a woman.  The movie is just ok.

       Mas  nagustuhan ko ito. Good screenplay and dialogue ,makatotohanan and very informative.  It also tackles issue na hindi rin masyado napag uusapan sa lipunan. This is an eye opener and I recommend this na mapalabas sa school to educate teenagers to be responsible. I love the last scene kung saan naexplain na nung teacher yung sex education with full conviction. Good Job for this film and to direk Raz dela Torre.

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