Sunday, 22 July 2012

Movie Review : Ang Nawawala

This is the first gala night that I will watch unexpectedly ang dami pinareserve n seats ni  Direk Marie kaya kaming mga naka Festival Pass no choice but to seat in front. Direk Marie is taking the video for the people who attended  and ask us to wave. She was so cool and cute. Pinakilala na yung mga cast  sabi ni Direk Marie nag mistulang Fans Day daw ni Ms Dawn Zulueta dahil sa support ng mga fans niya. Ms. Dawn is very beautiful and looks young at her age. I like the opening credit of the film It was very creative I swear! Agaw eksena and mga hirit ni Alcris Galura, Kelvin Yu and Marc Abaya.  The movie also tackle the upper middle class family. All about  high end artists na hindi naman ako makarelate. All through out the movie they use songs. Pinakanagustuhan ko is when they use the song MINSAN by EHEADS. I love that scene swear.

So may pagka konyo din yung pelikula at kakaiba din yung atake mapapansin mo din ang good production design at yung artwork ng bawat eksena. Extra ordinary film din. Dominic is very effective on his role  may laban for best actor, the nuisance acting facial expression is good same with felix na justified yung role niya. Good support si alchris. All of the cast acts well. All in the all the movie was good it meets my expectation. The ending is , ang galing din yung pag sabi ni dominic kay Ms. Dawn na Ma, this is Gibson then ending credit na with the song “Minsan of Eheads” kaya panalo din. I recommend the  production design and musical scoring of the movie. The songs used in the movie was bit different not the ordinary songs sung by different bands that’s why i would like to buy the soundtrack.

My Verdict: 4/5

Cast of Ang Nawawala @ Gala Night

Dominic Roco
Felix Roco
Direk Marie Jamora

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