Sunday, 29 July 2018

Movie Review: Buy Bust

After surviving the slaughter of her entire squad in a drug raid compromised by dirty cops, anti-narcotics special operative Nina Manigan (Anne Curtis), is eager to go head-to-head with the drug cartels that hold a bloody grip on Manila. But when her new mission in the city's most dangerous slum goes south, the angry civilians turn on her squad. Trapped between a brutal drug gang and hordes of bloodthirsty citizens, their only option is to fight their way out, turning one claustrophobic street at a time into a symphony of apocalyptic violence

Buy Bust is a well done gory action film anchored with its social commentary.  A well-produced, rousing feature based on Philippines' war against drug that made for great cinema.

Its unique storytelling was moving and must really be applauded. Such a smooth transition from underlying hits on the troika of government, people, and its values  to upfront take into real-life scenario. The coherent action scenes are the centerpiece  of the film. There are fists and bullets and knives. There are throws and kicks and multiple stab wounds.  The blood overflows and literally splashing. But there is art in the execution, and there is grit in the delivery. It has one amazing action sequence that you just have to watch the whole story in order to earn and appreciate it.

Kudos to Anne Curtis for pulling off a character that was literally buwis buhay. She's been able to nailed it with spunk. Her fight scenes were truly amazing and outstanding. Brandon Vera is a revelation. It is his character that you will truly love as an ideal and supportive ally. The rest of the squad Victor Neri, Sheen Gener, Mara Lopez, & AJ Muhlach are equally good. Arjo Atayde, Joross Gamboa and Levi Ignacio are such a badass villain. Truly an excellent ensemble cast bringing us an entertaining action flick.

A must watch stunning and triumphant action-packed adventure. Overall, I can say that Buy Bust is the recent best Filipino action film that we have.

My Verdict: 5/5


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