Friday, 6 July 2018

Cinemalaya 2018 Short Film Feature Official Entries

Jodilerks has been quietly and diligently working as a gas station attendant  for a very long time. Tonight is her final shift, and she has decided to sign off in, quite frankly, outrageous fashion.

Cast: Angeli Bayani, Ross Pesigan, Ogie Tiglao, Grace Naval 

Directed By: Carlo Francisco Manatad

Nangungupahan follows the different lives of people who occupy a room of an apartment through different points in time. The room may mean differently to each occupant; and by overlapping these timelines, we gain insight about our shared space and history, as well as the bigger structures outside that affect us. 

Cast: Erlinda Villalobos, Pauli Roa, Meann Espinosa, Joseph de la Cruz, JM Jamisola, Aldy Aguirre, Yvanne Cadiz, Voughnne Miguel Sonza, Paul Quiaño, NJ Nuñez, Eduardo Ngo, Snowflake

Directed By: Glenn Barit


Couple Carlo and Anj seem to have it all, except for one thing - Carlo's erection. Apparently, it is no small thing as it turns one ordinary night into a night filled with emotional landmines that challenge their relationship and force themselves to ask the question - can love really conquer erectile dysfunction?

Cast: Kiko Matos, Elora Españo

Directed By: Jav Velasco



In a time before mobile phones, postmodern Erinyes come to Barangay Babylonia to kill a local dictator, a tricky job that causes several fatalities in the process. Strange things occur in this far-off land where roosters and bags of crisps can talk. Good always has lightning bolts on hand, and Evil only needs to intone a couple words to lull anyone within earshot. In order to find the dictator and complete their mission, two women ally themselves with the members of the local opposition.

Cast: Patricia Zosa, Rhyles Cameron, Rya De Guzman, Nicole Blackman, Publio Briones III

Directed By: Keith Deligero


Astri is a 16-year-old transwoman who is in a relationship with 17-year-old Tambulah. Although it is an unusual sight in the community where they live, nobody bothers them. Subsisting on the coins people throw at them when they perform their traditional dance at the sea, everything seems perfect except that Astri has to marry a woman she hardly known as part of the Badjao traditions and a pach made long ago.

Cast: Astri Tahari, Usman Agga, Taha Daranda, Tambula Apsari, Lucky Mahari, Diane Alberto, Alxandria Abdullah 

Directed By: Xeph Suarez

Bruno, a little person, earns a living by working in a dingy restaurant. Dissatisfied with his work, salary and work treatment, he joins an underground fight club to earn his way to the prize money, in the hopes of reaching his aspirations.  

Cast: Armand Castro, Richie Albadira, Maribel Tambis, Danny Sta. Maria

Directed By: Kani Villaflor


A woman lays on a bed, barely breathing. In between life and death, her soul is surrounded by settings from her past. A familiar face comes to escort her to the afterlife.

Cast: Rita Angela Winder, Jean Marc Cordero, TJ Abat, Jaycee Noriega, Regina

Directed By: Mika Fabella & Rafael Froillan

The story revolves around Kiko, a blind gay man in his sixties, who makes a living as a laundress in a poor coastal community in Batangas City. He raises his eight-year old adopted son, Ton-Ton, and supports his lover Rex by doing his neighbors' laundry, delivering fresh clean clothes to his neighbors despite being visually impaired. As long as he can take care of both of Ton-ton and Rex, Kiko is happy. But things go awry when Rex figures in a drug mess, is hunted by a local syndicate, and runs away with all the money Kiko has - leaving him with nary a dime and void of dignity and pride. Realizing that there is more than just water in the well, a quick pause is all that Kiko needs to muster enough strength and face a new chapter in his life.

Cast: Domingo Almoete, Neil Suarez, Earl Andrew Figueroa

Directed By: Jojo Driz

Set in a small fishing community that struggles amidst an oil spill, a pre-pubescent and cheerful young boy named Dinggoy struggles with his identity and finds comfort in his dreams of becoming a mermaid. The film tackles childhood identity struggles and parental challenges that come with caring for a gender non-conforming child.

Cast: Anzley Candelaria, Selina Boucher, Ronald Regala

Directed By:  Christian Candelaria

Brothers Yoyong, Darwin and Abet work as child gold miners in Mt. Diwalwal, Compostela Valley, Philippines. Amidst the threat of a riot between opposing group of miners, the three brothers bravely decide to continue working in the mines for them to go to school and save enough money for the government housing project. Will they be able to leave Diwalwal or will their dreams crumble down like the giant boulders their small hands chip every day?

Cast: Manny Gonzales, Rich-er Gonzales, Gabriel Libunao  

Directed By:  Jarell Serencio

 Cinemalaya 2018 Film Festival runs from Aug 3-12 2018 at CCP, Glorietta, Greenbelt, Trinoma, UP Town Center and Ayala Mall Legazpi.

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