Thursday, 14 September 2017

Movie Review: I Found My Heart in Santa Fe

Living all her life in an island in Central Philippines, Jennifer (Roxanne Barcelo) mends her broken heart by focusing all her passion in her work-- managing the family resort.

Raised in Germany by his father, Viktor (Will Devaughn) comes back to Santa Fe in search of the mother he never knew and to immerse in his Filipino roots. 

Jennifer and Viktor serendipitously meet on Viktor’s first day in the island. Since then, Viktor finds himself instantly attracted to Jennifer.  He makes friends with Jennifer’s buddies (Jenniviv, Jennilyn, Jenathan) to get closer to her but every time he makes a romantic gesture, Jennifer turns him away

Watching this film will surely make Santa Fe, Cebu your next travel adventure destination. The film is just simple with feel good love story that you will enjoy to watch. A subtle journey detailing two lonely people's lives and the chance meeting they encounter with one another. Where this film takes them and their explorations shown are truly engaging on film. Beautifully shot, decently acted and directed. I Found My Heart in Santa Fe has a big heart and shows there are still corners left to explore and it just takes someone willing to find them.

 My Verdict: 3.5/5

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