Sunday, 12 February 2017

Watch: Director Actor Vincent Soberano & Sarah Chang Talk About Their Upcoming Film Blood Hunters: Rise of the Hybirds

Blood Hunters: Rise of the Hybirds is an upcoming post apocalyptic action film directed by the Chinese director actor Vincent Soberano, starring Sarach Chang who is also a candidate for the Disney Mulan live action feature. Blood Hunters: Rise of the Hybirds will showcase Filipino martial arts in parallel with Philippine mythical creatures.

The prestigious Cinemax HBO Action Film Competition and the Urban Action Showcase & Expo awarded the coveted BEST SHORT FILM (2016) trophy to “Blood Hunters” a film written, produced and directed by Filipino filmmaker and martial arts action star Vincent Soberano.

This sets the stage for a new era of Filipino action films penetrating the international market.

For Soberano, his main motivation is to promote Filipino martial arts in Filipino movies to the international audience. “They’ve used Filipino martial arts in blockbuster action films like John Wick, Jason Bourne,  Frankenstein, and a huge list of other films,” he says. “But no one knows its Filipino because its always portrayed by Hollywood stars. It’s about time I did.”

This film is a collaboration between two Filipino martial arts stars, Taekwondo Olympic medalist Monsour Del Rosario and Muay Thai world champion Vincent Soberano. 

Soberano’s personal interest in comic books and stories of the supernatural inspired him to combine martial arts and fantasy into an action-packed screenplay. Melding fantasy, action and martial arts makes a good universal theme for commercial films, judging from box-office hits  like Blade, Matrix, Frankenstein, Warcraft, Assassins Creed, Man with the Iron Fist, and a slew of other hard-hitting blockbusters.

"Blood Hunters: Rise of the Hybirds" is coming to Philippine theaters soon. 

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