Thursday, 2 February 2017

Movie Review: Swipe

When CCTV cameras are installed in Sunrise Apartment, the tenants’ lives begin to unravel through their discreet activities in social media dating sites. Their online affairs take on a chilling turn when deception becomes their common link in this contemporary psychological drama about social media. In an apartment complex, the lives of the tenants start to unravel through ​their discreet activities in a social dating app called Swipe 

Swipe is a decent light psychological film that I've seen in recent years. The film is challenging as it is an intertwined stories with multiple characters and a psychological film at the same time. The film will let you think and interpret what goes on with the character as the screenplay will not lay down all the details for you to take in easily. There is a challenge for the film to make the story of each characters relevant and became part of the film. The style that they did is not the typical narrative that we  usually see on a local mainstream film. Swipe got a good bunch of actors and actress to become part of this ensemble film. All of them has their shining moments and given an equal exposure in the film. I like Meg Imperial, Alex Medina, Gabby Eigenmann and Rob Moya's performance here and I think their segments are the one stand out in this film. So if you want to watch a different kind of psychological ensemble film, go watch this film.

My Verdict:  3.5/5 


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