Monday, 21 January 2013

Comimg Soon on Cinemalaya 2013; The Diplomat Hotel

Synopsis of the Movie

A disgraced reporter seeks redemption by leading her documentary crew to spend one night and tell the story of what really happened at the haunted and infamous The Diplomat Hotel.

In 1988, director Christopher Ad Castillo was then an actor in a film titled Ang Lihim Nang Kalapati (The Mystery of the Dove) which was being directed by his father Celso Ad Castillo.

His scene was in front of the hotel and when Direk Celso yelled 'action', the generator died and all the lights went out. This happened three more times. Finally, the security guard advised Direk Celso to go back to the grotto where a statue of the Virgin Mary presided to pray and ask permission.

The crew was rounded up and a prayer was offered. When they went back to the set and Direk Celso yelled 'action', everything went well.

Since then, Christopher decided that we was going to come back to The Diplomat Hotel and tell its tale.

That time is NOW.


The Director: Christopher Ad Castillo

First born son of the late, great filmmaker Celso Ad Castillo, he was nominated for The Remy Martin Emerging Filmmaker Award for writing and directing his first feature film, the psychological thriller “The Sky is Falling” in which Variety states “Pic showcases Castillo's stylistic flair and his impressive behind-the-camera control of the frame” and was compared to Roman Polanski.

A Best Supporting Actor award winner for “Bagets Gang” in the Metro Manila Film Festival, he has recently finished his second feature film, the rock ‘n roll drama “LOS ANGELES7” aside from making short films and several music videos for up and coming Los Angeles bands.

Like his revered father, Chris believes that art and intelligent filmmaking can be mixed with commercialism.


The Producer: Alembert Ang

His films have been screened in festivals in Cairo, Chicago, Bahamas, Toronto, Portugal, Switzerland, New York, and New Delhi among others. His most recent film Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa (The Dance of the Two Left Feet) recently won Best Picture at the 2012 Gawad Urian awards which is voted on by the country’s most respected critics. He was also a delegate to the UNESCO Independent Producer’s Summit, the Rotterdam Lab, the Network of Asian Fantastic Film, and the Berlin Talent Campus.

In 1911, the councils of the Province of the Dominican Order voted to construct a vacation house for the Dominican Priests. Construction work began in 1913, high on top of Dominican Hill. The building was inaugurated in 1915, overlooking the city of Baguio below.

In an exclusive interview with InterAksyon, Christopher Ad Castillo reveals what he has in store for "The Diplomat Hotel."

“As much as this is a psychological horror thriller, there is also an underlying social commentary that weaves its way throughout. It is how the media controls and manipulates every being and fabric of our existence."

On a personal level, Direk Chris said the film also “reflects on the abundance of folklore that our country has accumulated in its catalog.”

“A story that started with the forefathers would be immensely altered by the time it reaches the young generation. The monster would be bigger, the curse would be stronger, and the evil more real, it would be used to make us go to bed when told or the evil would come after us. It always worked on me as a kid,” he shared.

- Christopher Ad Castillo in an exclusive interview with Edwin P. Sallan.

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