Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Movie Review: Through Night and Day

Before Ben and Jen get married, they embark on a trip of a lifetime to Jen’s lifelong dream destination--Iceland. Their relationship is put to the test as all sorts of misfortune happen to them on this trip, mostly caused by Jen’s blunders. What they hope to be a trip that would make their relationship stronger ends up tearing them apart. 

Smart, funny, and powered by fine performances from Alessandra De Rossi and Paolo Contis,  Through Night and Day offers a bittersweet slice of relationship drama with beautiful picturesque
of Iceland and Baguio on the side. The film points us in directions that defy our expectations, exploring the characters' immaturity  and the value of eternal love. You think it's going in one direction, and suddenly it goes somewhere much more interesting.
It's so refreshing to see Paolo Contis in a role as an ideal boyfriend that every girl want to have. He delivers and acts naturally with Alessandra de Rossi that as always gave a heartfelt performance. Overall the Through Night and Day is a simple yet powerful love story that successfully deliver its message. One of the fine Filipino romance film of 2018.

My Verdict:  4.5/5


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