Sunday, 22 March 2015

Movie Review: Ninja Party

Top female students of an elite Catholic high school discover their identities and sexualities amidst clashing values. Conflicts between themselves, their families, and their school forces them to grow up and grow in friendship. They face slut­-shaming when a rumor spreads about their participation in a secret orgy.

Every generation has its high school party movie – an over-the-top film experience that compiles all of the terrible and zany things that happen when underage teens get together and drink too much. What I like about the film is it create focus through spontaneity, but lovely & amazing feeds on surprise.

This youth oriented film portraits about teen age problem and exploring of one self that their parents are not aware of. There are literally dozens of questions that arise as the sloppy treatment and most of the bigger questions go unanswered, leaving an uneven and frustrating resolution. The film is not enough to be a message movie but insightful enough to hold our attention while exploring the lives of the four young woman characters played by Bea Galvez, Julz Savard, Elora Espano and Anicka Dolonius. They gave good performance in this film and quietly cornering the market on self-assured, sharp-tongued feminism.  Overall the film says nothing meaningful about its subject matter and instead paints teens as unlikeable and reckless automatons but this is an enjoyable film to watch to for today's youth generation.

My Verdict:  3/5


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