Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Must-see groundbreaking film Train Station unreels in SM cinemas on May 4

Filmmakers Michael Vincent Mercado from the Philippines and Craig Laines, a BAFTA award winning director during the launch of Train Station

By Archie Liao

McGooligan Films in association with US based filmmakers CollabFeature, The Film Development Council of the Philippines, CineLokal, SM Cinemas, and Channel Hue, are proud to announce the Philippine premiere of their latest feature film: Train Station.

CollabFeature is an award-winning, record breaking team of filmmakers and creators from all over the world, uniting and pooling our resources, creativity and audiences to create multi-story films, documentaries and series. Each filmmaker co-writes and directs a small piece of a bigger story in his or her own country.

In 2012, it premiered its first international collaborative film, “The Owner” in theaters and festivals all over the world. The film received the German IPTV Award for “Most Innovative Platform,” a Guinness World Record for “Most Directors of a Film” as well as extensive media coverage (CNN, the Huffington Post, Vogue, MTV Lebanon, the Times Of India and over sixty other media outlets.) “The Owner” is now available on iTunes, distributed through IndieRights. The film follows a backpack around the world, intersecting the lives of characters from every region of the world. It ties together 25 interconnected segments, each directed by a different filmmaker. It is now available on Amazon Prime.

In 2014, it produced “Last Statement”, a feature short film based on the chilling final words of real-life inmates awaiting their execution on Death Row.

Their second feature "Train Station" hits select SM cinemas starting May 4. The record-breaking film has won more than 15 international awards and has multiple entries in the Guinness Book of World Records including most directors/female directors of a feature film, most languages spoken in a feature film, most country locations of a feature film and most number of actors in the lead role.

Shot on location in 25 countries (including Quezon City in the Philippines), and directed by 40 directors, this critically acclaimed film marks a new genre in filmmaking.

Train Station tries to unite cultures and break language barriers.

It is a film about possibilities and choices.

The film follows a single, unnamed character known only as “Brown” and played by 43 different actors from different parts of the world adopting a variety of ethnicities: male, female, old, young, straight, gay.

Every time the character is confronted with a choice, the film cuts to a new actor in a new city and a new director continues the story. The character, who always wears brown, switches ages, genders and nationalities.

The story begins at a train station in Nairobi, Kenya. Man In Brown is waiting for a train. He learns that the train is late; there has been an accident on the track, but there is no more information than that, this is his first of many choices…he can go home or he can wait.

These choices lead our character into many different scenarios; a noir plot involving a black market, kidney exchange and the death of innocent woman. A comedic plot to return a lost wallet. The discovery of his wife’s affair. A murder. Redemption. A new romance, and a fantastical game of choices conducted by a carnival barker.

Each time the character in Brown reaches the end of the story path, the film backs up to a previous choice and a new director takes us down a different path to explore “What would have happened if…?”

This groundbreaking film was shot on location in Athens, Greece, Bangalore and Mumbai, India, Barcelona, Spain, Berlin and Munich, Germany, Bogota, Colombia, Brasilia and Sao Paolo, Brazil, Bucharest, Romania, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Detroit, USA, Clara Vale, United Kingdom, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Hongkong, Jakarta, Indonesia, Khartoum, Sudan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Lisbon, Portugal, Lyon, France, Nairobi, Kenya, Oslo, Norway, Quezon City, Philippines, Rome, Italy, Santiago, Chile, Uyuni, Bolivia, Shanghai, China, Singapore,m Sofia, Bulgaria and Tehran, Iran.

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