Friday, 13 April 2018

Movie Review: Almost A Love Story

Almost A Love Story  The movie tackles the theme of “long distance relationship” between childhood friends Baneng and Luigi. It was Baneng’s OFW mom (played by Lotlot de Leon who was taking care of Luigi in Italy) who was instrumental in making love blossom between the two. In the story, both Baneng and Luigi have the inclination for the arts that also drew them together. Will there be a fairy tale ending to the kilig-filled romance of Baneng and Luigi?

It’s so pleasant to see Derrick and Barbie on the big screen with undeniable chemistry.
Both shows charming performance suitable to picturesque location of  Salerno, Italy. Barbie's strength is her authenticity in giving raw emotions while Derrick is an eye candy on the silver screen. The supporting cast Lotlot De Leon & Ana Capri which are good in this film helps a lot in establishing the love story of Baneng and Luigi. The film brings you to the amazing place of Salerno, that perfectly capture through film's fine cinematography. If you want to watch a heartfelt romantic film showcasing the kilig tandem of DerBie with the beautiful back draft city of Salerno and poignant story, watch Almost A Love Story.

My Verdict: 3/5

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