Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Sarah Lahbati and Shy Carlos In New Horror Film - Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz

Kamikaze Pictures, a joint venture between VIVA Films and Reality Entertainment, proudly present Sarah Lahbati and Shy Carlos in leading roles in the haunting movie coming out this June, produced by the award-winning director Erik Matti, and directed by Katski Flores. 

“Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz” shows Sarah as Ruth, a reclusive police officer who moves into the hometown of a seemingly innocent young girl that is Leah, played by Shy Carlos.  Ruth is still reeling from the death of her younger brother when she witnesses Leah jump out of a balcony.  Gabriel, Leah’s childhood friend, begs Ruth for help, prompting the latter to join the investigation. 

Naturally, there are suspicions as to why Leah committed such act.  Blame is put on two people.  One is Rosario, a loyal maid to the Dela Cruz household who loves Leah as her own.  She has a strong belief in superstitions.  The other is Sister Eloiza, a school guidance counselor who once belonged to a cult but became a confidant to Leah. 

As Leah’s odd behavior escalates, so does the friction between her parents Oscar and Marite.  Oscar is a kind and loving father, but a domineering husband, while Marite has been an object of rumors in their small town.  

Holding a secret that should be a big help to the investigation is Father Lucas, the local parish priest, but something is keeping him mum about it.  The investigation takes a darker turn when Leah’s possession is revealed and sinister connections between the people closest to her come bubbling to the surface.  Worse, the devil’s influence becomes widespread. 

While this is Sarah and Shy’s first movie collaboration, this is not their first time to star in a horror movie.  Shy was seen in Chain Mail in 2015, while Sarah was seen in a 2010 supernatural film from another movie outfit

Prince of the Dance Floor Julian Trono playing as Gabriel, Jim Paredes as Father Lucas, and respected theater actors in supporting roles make this movie even more exciting.

From the success of “Seklusyon”, for which Erik Matti won as Best Director at the Metro Manila Film Festival in 2016, Matti puts on the producer’s hat in this film. This haunting film is his collaboration with the prolific writer-director Katski Flores (TV series: Mana Po, Lumayo Ka Man Sa Akin, movie: Still Life) who makes a directorial comeback via this film.

“Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz” opens in cinemas on June 28, 2017. 



Richard Gutierrez graces the premiere of Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz

Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz director Katski Flores w/ the cast

Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz Cast Micah Munoz graces the premiere of Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz

Benj Lagman graces the premiere of Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz

Arvic Tan graces the premiere of Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz

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