Saturday, 17 June 2017

Movie Review: Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz

The movie follows the story of Leah (Shy Carlos), a girl who jumps out of a balcony, and Ruth (Sarah Lahbati), the police officer who investigates her case.  The two people who are being blamed for Leah’s action are her family’s loyal maid Rosario, and school guidance counselor Sister Eloiza.  As Leah’s odd behavior escalates, so does the friction between her parents Oscar and Marite.  Ruth must piece together the lies and secrets of the people close to Leah before the demon takes hold of her.

When it comes to horror, story is they key, but what's just as important is fully developing that story to meet its potential, and that's where this film succeeds.  The film explores the evil on all of its characters and let you follow the story behind it. Effective and genuinely scary with likeable performances, good pacing and requisite amount of scares. Sarah Lahbati subtle performance, Shy Carlos exhaustive performance and Julian Trono light performance together with the effective performance of the supporting cast, Jim Paredes, Angelina Canapi, Michael Rivero and Olive Nieto justified the mystery in the town of Dalisay.  Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz is scary, but in an interesting way. Playing around with its story and giving the evil thing actual physical presence, gives this a real thrill. Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz is graded B by Cinema Evaluation Board and rated R-13 without cuts by MTRCB, slated to shown in June 28, 2017 in cinemas nationwide.

My Verdict: 3.5/5


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